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Cooking Switch – Gas to Induction

By Hilary Dreiling | May 20, 2022
half a pan showing egg cooking inside the pan but not cooking on the induction stovetop to illustrate its cool temperature

  The Technology Under the ceramic/glass cooktop (called a “hob”), there’s a copper coil – when you turn on the power, electric current flows through the coil, producing a magnetic field. This magnetic field causes the iron in your cookware to generate heat – this heated pan then transfers the heat to your food/water inside […]

Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies in Real Estate

By Hilary Dreiling | March 28, 2022
bitcoin and traditional currency

Wondering how crypto and blockchain are already playing roles in real estate transactions? Me too. Take 10 minutes to check out the most recent “Mondays with Matthew” video to get our chief economist’s 10,000-foot view, and enough information for some talking points at your next dinner party… (transcription below)   Hello there, I’m Windermere Real […]

Why it’s critical to price your house right

By Hilary Dreiling | March 9, 2022

Why It’s Critical To Price Your House Right When you make a move, you want to sell your house for the highest price possible. That might be why many homeowners are eager to list in today’s sellers’ market. After all, with record-low inventory and high buyer demand, many homes are selling for more than asking price. Data from the National Association of […]

Keep it sealed – your grout, that is

By Hilary Dreiling | March 1, 2022

If you have tile in your home, then you likely have grout too. And if you have grout, you likely have some degree of challenge keeping it clean. Whether dirt gets ground into it on the floor, cooking grime on tiled kitchen counters, or the inevitable mold/mildew in the shower grout – the commonality is […]

Take care of your sewer line, so it can take care of you

By Hilary Dreiling | February 21, 2022
image of inside of a sewer pipe from a camera scope video

Seems like an underground system made of tough PVC, iron, and concrete pipe should be nearly indestructible. But the “underground factor” weighs in heavily here – if anything DOES go wrong, it can be invasive and expensive to fix. Older homes (and older sewer lines) definitely need your TLC and may even need to be […]

Buyers Want To Know: Why Is Housing Supply Still So Low?

By Hilary Dreiling | January 31, 2022
rows of colored houses

One key question that’s top of mind for homebuyers this year is: why is it so hard to find a house to buy? The truth is, we’re in the ultimate sellers’ market, so real estate is ultra-competitive for buyers right now. The number of buyers searching for a home greatly outweighs how many homes are available for sale. While […]

How To Hit Your Homebuying Goals This Year 

By Hilary Dreiling | January 13, 2022
line drawing of modern house

If you’re looking to buy a home this year, you may want to put these items on your to-do list: It’s important to start working on your credit and saving for a down payment early. When you’re ready to begin your search, work with a real estate professional and lender to get pre-approved so you know […]

Home Office Reno/Refresh

By Hilary Dreiling | January 6, 2022
finished photo of remodeled home office

After waterproofing our basement, we were left with some unfinished walls, no flooring, and the opportunity to change the look and functionality of our home office – a fresh beginning for a space that’s become mission-critical during the pandemic! We decided to tackle it DIY-style to learn new skills and save some money.   Wall […]

Basement Waterproofing – fix it from the inside

By Hilary Dreiling | November 20, 2021
Finished drain with waterproof membrane and concrete covering

Wet basement? Yep, me too. But not anymore! In my previous post about French drains, I mentioned that I’ve been struggling with water entering my finished basement for the past five years I’ve owned my home. Luckily the worst part was floored with linoleum-type material, not carpet that would saturate – but I still had […]

Drain the rain away…

By Hilary Dreiling | October 1, 2021
french drain sample top view with gravel

As we enter the rainy season here in Seattle, your home (like mine!) may experience too much water… Water flooding your yard, or especially entering your basement, is really scary and overwhelming. You think, how can I possibly move this water somewhere else, or even soak it up because it just keeps coming. It’s a […]