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Sound Memories

By Hilary Dreiling | September 27, 2021
homemade copper pipe windchimes

I was reminded this weekend of the incredible transporting power of sounds, as I rehabbed some windchimes that my grandfather made for my grandmother at least 40 years ago. These chimes hung at the back corner of their cottage on Camano Island all my life, providing the soundtrack for their beloved vegetable garden. Grandma wanted […]

Wallpaper FTW!

By Hilary Dreiling | September 24, 2021
perfectly aligned wallpapered outlet cover

If you know me, you know that I love to make bold, unique design statements in my life, especially in my home. The past few years have seen a huge increase in wallpaper designs, creativity, and availability – so you may not be surprised to hear that I’ve become slightly obsessed with wild wallpaper! Whether […]